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All businesses have the goal of financial success, what differentiates Monsoon is how we achieve that goal. Monsoon believes the best route to long-term success is to provide customers and employees with a positive, professional and caring environment. Monsoon's success, while critical to our existence, should never be our focus, but rather the product of our customer's and employee's success and well-being.

Customers come first, and they should be provided with broad expertise, excellent customer service, commitment to schedules and the best products and services. At Monsoon, they can expect to find skilled, attentive and knowledgeable people who listen to and accommodate their needs, give wanted advice freely and keep promises and schedules. They can also expect to find up to date tools and processes tailored to meet their needs. All of this is provided in a polite and professional manner.

Monsoon solutions employee

Follow project schedules and continually meet deadlines

Rapid-turn quotes / exceptional customer service

Recognized leader in the PCB Design and Prototyping 

100+ years of combined experience

Expertise with new and emerging technologies

A veteran team of senior designers and program managers

Assistance selecting the right manufacturers for your job

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