The High Voltage (HV) Power Monitor is Monsoon's latest power metering hardware. Improving on its predecessor, the HV Power Monitor supports a main channel output voltage range of 0.8V to 13.5V and up to 6A continuous current. This expands the range of devices supported by the HV Power Monitor from mobile devices to laptops, tablets, automotive devices, prototype electronics, and many more. Beyond the main channel, it supports external inputs up to 5.5V via the USB and Auxiliary channels. Still a combination benchtop power supply and current measuring device, it provides convenient two-in-one functionality while full automation support allows you to program any arbitrary case.


The affordable price allows you to run multiple devices at a time, improving problem solving efficiency. Online ordering is quick, simple, and as always, secure. Pay by credit card or purchase order (see conditions). Choose from flat rate shipping or use your own shipping account. 

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