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We offer 3D DC Power Integrity Modeling for PCB layouts. Our reports give you the information needed to improve a design or pass it with confidence. Performing DC analysis of power planes is a critical step before greenlighting a PCB for fabrication. Our simulations let you make educated decisions by getting information quickly and at a lower cost. Fixes can be made before fabrication, and results can be determined without having to wait for a lab report.


 - Voltage Drop analysis

 - Current Vector and Magnitude Analysis

 - PDN DC Target Compliance Testing

 - Via Current Analysis


Make sure that components are receiving current at the voltage you intend them to be.

3D DC Power Integrity Modeling

3D Power Integrity Modeling for PCB
DC Modeling visualization

Mobile electronics with strict power budgets can benefit from DC Modeling by spotting issues before money is spent on board fabrication.

High-Current designs need to manage power dissipation and current flow. Make sure the Power Delivery Network is up to DC standards by simulating worst-case conditions.


We can perform modeling on all designs done in-house. If you can provide us an ODB++ format of your own design, we can model that too.

All of our DC Modeling is done with Advanced Design Systems SIPIPro software.

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