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High Voltage Power Monitor

Part Number: AAA10F


What operating systems are supported?

The HVPM is only supported with PowerTool on Windows 8 and Windows 10. There is a Python API which can be used with Linux and OSX systems.


Is there a GUI version of PowerTool available for Linux/ Mac OSX?

There is no GUI PowerTool available for Linux or Mac OSX, the Power Monitor can be used on these OS’s through our Python API found here:


What is the operating voltage range of the HVPM?

The HVPM supports voltages between 0.8v and 13v at 6A.


What is the sample rate of the Power Monitor?

The Power Monitor has a fixed sample rate of 5000Hz. The user has options to change the number of samples exported after a test is completed.


Unable to enable voltage or take measurements in PowerTool

  • Make sure that the device drivers are installed on your PC, driver installation instructions can be found in the PowerTool manual on pages 9-10. The manual can be found in the ‘Doc’ folder of the PowerTool installation directory.

  • The HVPM and LVPM use different drivers, if you were previously using an LVPM you will need to install drivers for the HVPM.

There is a pop-up window saying the Voltage calibration of the Power Monitor is out of spec when PowerTool starts

  • This was a bug introduced in an earlier version of PowerTool which has since been fixed, a software update should take care of the problem. The newest release version of PowerTool can be downloaded here:

  • If the problem persists through a software update please contact support.

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